Nova festival massacre survivors meet mayor of Paris


Tel Aviv [Israel], January 25: A delegation of people who survived the Nova Festival massacre went to Paris on behalf of Israel’s Foreign Ministry for what it described as a “special outreach mission” and met with the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo.
The delegation also met with the President of the National Assembly of France, Yael Braun-Pivet, as well as other parliamentarians.
Mayor Hidalgo met the group in what was described as a “warm atmosphere” and listened to them “very attentively.”
The members of the delegation include Michal Ohana (27), Yuval Vakanin (24), Itai Razumenko (25) and Lt. Col. Eitan (41), shared their experience of the massacre at Nova Festival, talked about their lives after October 7 and called on the mayor’s office to act publicly for the return of the abductees.
Hidalgo strongly condemned the October 7 massacre and called it “the second holocaust.” She also said that the Hamas attack was “an attack against democracy and that it is necessary to fight against those who strive to deny freedom to others, such as the Hamas organization.”
Hidalgo offered to connect the young people with mayors of other cities in Europe.
Hundreds were murdered when Hamas terrorists attacked the festival during the October 7 massacre.
In her meeting with the delegation, President Baron-Piva spoke about the mobilization of the French government to fight anti-Semitism and for the release of Israel’s hostages which she called a priority.
The President of the National Assembly also spoke about her trip to Israel, which she made in order to show solidarity with the Israeli people who were affected by the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas.


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