Lai Ching-te receives delegation from Lithuanian Parliament; hopes to build resilient democratic partnership


Taipei [Taiwan], January 25: Taiwan Vice President Lai Ching-te received a delegation from the Lithuanian Congress, hoping to build a resilient democratic partnership.
While receiving them, Vice President Lai Ching-te said that global peace, prosperity, and stability must rely on the joint efforts of members of the international community.
Facing the challenge of totalitarian expansion, Taiwan will join hands with Lithuania and other countries with similar ideals to defend democratic values and human rights concepts. We hope that the two countries will continue to strengthen cooperation and jointly build a world with shared values and a democratic partnership for resilience.
On Thursday morning, Vice President Lai met them at the Presidential Palace with Matas Maldeikis, Chairman of the Friendship Group of the Lithuanian Parliament with Taiwan, Vytautas Mitalas, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Radvile Morkunaite-Mikuleniene, Julius Sabatauskas and others.
He thanked them for leading the first European delegation to come to Taiwan immediately after the Taiwan election to convey their firm support and congratulations to democratic Taiwan.
Lai further said that although this election faced unprecedented interference from China’s authoritarian forces, the Taiwanese people were still undaunted by the threats and successfully completed a democratic carnival that attracted worldwide attention, demonstrating to the world the determination of the Taiwanese people to firmly protect democratic values.
It is not only a victory for democracy but also a common victory for those who love democracy in the world.
The Vice President said that “I believe everyone has noticed China’s deliberate suppression and intimidation of Taiwan in the international arena. China deliberately chose to induce Nauru, Taiwan’s diplomatic ally, to announce the severing of diplomatic relations with the Republic of China after last week’s election”.
It has fully exposed its authoritarian expansion and its nature of challenging international order and regional stability, he added.
He pointed out that when a representative office was established in Lithuania in the name of Taiwan in 2021, China also took targeted trade retaliatory actions against Lithuania.
In the face of these challenges, his most important mission in the future is to continue to maintain the current status of the Taiwan Strait and regional peace and stability based on the solid foundation laid by President Tsai over the past eight years and to engage in dialogue and exchanges with China on the premise of reciprocity and dignity to enhance the well-being of the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and the goal of peace and common prosperity.
Vice President Lai said that on this basis, he will redouble his efforts and continue to strengthen cooperation with Lithuania, including broader and deeper cooperation between people in economics, trade, education and culture.
Currently, Taiwan and Lithuania There are frequent exchanges of visits between personnel from both sides, and the cooperation between the two countries in the semiconductor and laser industries has become a model of industrial cooperation and mutual assistance in democratic countries.
The Vice President said that he believed that the delegation had heard many potential cooperation opportunities and suggestions during their visit to Taiwan.
After he takes office on May 20, he will adhere to the principle of mutual benefit and create a win-win situation for Taiwan and Lithuania. He further hoped that the Lithuanian Congress will fully support it.
He further pointed out that global peace, prosperity and stability must rely on the joint efforts of all members of the international community; however, China continues to misinterpret United Nations Resolution 2758 and exclude Taiwan’s 23 million people from the United Nations system, which is an unfavourable situation Cooperation and promotion of global issues are a loss to the international community.
Lai expressed his sincere gratitude to Lithuania for its support of Taiwan’s expansion of international participation, and he also hoped that with the help of Lithuanian friends in the future, the voice of Taiwan’s friends around the world would be even greater.


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