“I Will Continue to Advocate for Rights of Tibetans”: MP Susan Templeman at House Debates


Dharamshala:  MP Susan Templeman during House Debates on Monday reiterated her continuous support and advocacy for the rights of Tibetans while recounting her visit to Dharamshala in April alongside delegates of the Australian All Parliamentary Group for Tibet.


“What was very clear is that the words of support from the Australian government are very much appreciated by Tibetans living in exile. There was also an appreciation for our visit, although I think we were the grateful ones to gain insight into the lives that Tibetans in exile are leading”, said the member for Macquarie.


MP Susan led a four-member delegation to Dharamshala to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the leadership of the Central Tibetan Administration to deliberate on the matter concerning the rights of Tibetans in Tibet and the sustenance of Tibetans in exile. Recounting the range of discussions she and her fellow MPs had with His Holiness, she remarked how His Holiness’ view of democracy for his people was ambitious yet inspiring. She also conveyed her appreciation for the efforts of Tibetans in the maintenance and sustenance of Tibetan culture alive in exile.


As a representative of the Blue Mountains where exist a small thriving Tibetan community, MP Templeman spoke about the strong bond she shares with them and the stories of their struggles that encouraged her to advocate for the rights of Tibetans.


In April this year, MP Susan Templeman led a four-member delegation to Dharamshala and the delegation comprised Senator Janet Rice, MP Sharon Claydon and MP Sophie Scamps.


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