Pakistan: Loadshedding becomes major concern for people during Ramzan in Karachi


Karachi [Pakistan], April 2: People in Karachi have been facing the problem of powercut, longer outages, and loadshedding with no respite for consumers in sight during the month of Ramzan.
Nasir, a citizen of Karachi stated, “We have been facing this issue for a long time, and in my area of Ranchore Lines power is cut every two hours. We get power for only 12 hours a day, and we still get the same bill. They keep adding useless charges to our civil electricity bills and we are now fed up.”
“We can either manage rent or take care of these bills, in the limited income that we have. These power cuts have been ruining our celebrations of celebrations of Ramzan. Hence we demand that the government take care of this issue as it is causing us a lot of problems,” he added.
Another citizen Mauhaumad Yakoob highlighted the issue of electricity theft. He said, “This problem continues because of the people who steal electricity. We try to use the least amount of power as we pay our bills with honesty, but we suffer due to these thefts. The government must take strict actions against those people who are doing this so that we who pay our bills honestly don’t suffer”.
Another citizen stated that the condition had gone beyond control and termed inflation a hindrance to survival. He said that the electricity bills have pushed people to extreme levels of poverty.
He said, “backbreaking inflation has now become a hindrance to our survival. These bills by the government have pushed us to extreme levels of poverty. There was a time when people like us belonged to the middle class, but it seems that we are nonexistent. They have stopped thinking about us, and they have stopped caring about our concerns. Hence they are not bothered about how will we bear the expenses in today’s inflation. The ripple effect of this high inflation in return to an increase in street crime and other violence.”


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