Pakistan: Employees of Sports Board Punjab hold protest over unpaid salaries


Islamabad [Pakistan], April 2: Around 200 employees of Sports Board Punjab in Pakistan staged a protest on Tuesday against the non-payment of salaries from the past two months, reported ARY News.
The daily wagers left their work and organised a peaceful protest in Lahore, demanding an immediate resolution to their due salaries.
Director General of Sports Punjab, Pervez Iqbal, noted their grievances and engaged in discussions with the workers.
He further assured them that the issue of unpaid salaries would be swiftly resolved in the upcoming days, as reported by ARY News.
Earlier this month, The Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the University of Balochistan organised a protest in Quetta, demanding three months of overdue salaries and the 35 per cent salary increase as promised in the previous year’s education budget for teachers at research centres, and staff at the University of Balochistan (UOB).
The demonstrators, including UOB students, faculty, and staff, concluded their march at the Quetta Press Club, calling for an immediate resolution to UOB’s financial distress.
Moreover, the speakers expressed their disappointment at the UOB employees’ need to protest for wages and pensions during Ramadan.
They further criticised the lack of action taken by the Balochistan and Federal governments and the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in addressing UOB’s financial issues.
In 2018, the employees of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) blocked the National Highway for several hours in protest over non-payment of their salaries.
Following the protest, hundreds of vehicles were stranded in the gridlock, according to ARY News.
However, the highway was later opened for traffic after talks between protesters and the police.
Now for months, the workers of the state-owned corporation have been staging demonstrations over non-payment of their salaries and other managerial issues.


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