Pakistan: JIT to probe vandalism of Jinnah House, GHQ


Lahore [Pakistan], May 13: The caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab has formed a Joint Interrogation Team (JIT) to investigate the arson and vandalism at Corps Commander Residence, aka Jinnah House.
During the review meeting, the Inspector General (IG) Punjab provided an update on the state of peace and security, which was presided over by the caretaker CM of Punjab Mohsin Naqvi. As a result, the caretaker CM formed a JIT to look into the vandalism, arson, and encirclement at Jinnah House and other government-owned buildings including the General Headquarters (GHQ).

The caretaker CM ordered the JIT to investigate the incidents and produce a thorough report, which would be delivered to the government. In the interim, geo-fencing will be implemented in all areas that have seen vandalism and arson.
Meanwhile, the individuals involved in violent activities such as siege, looting, and destruction in the Jinnah House and at GHQ have been identified with the help of CCTV footage.
The FIA has filed cases under the Anti-Terrorism Act against those who utilised weapons like guns, sticks, stones, and petrol bombs in the interim. More people are being detained and will eventually face the music for damaging properties in other places.

The caretaker CM gave orders to step up efforts to prosecute all criminals. According to him, all prosecutions of wrongdoers would take place in ATCs, and the Prosecution Department has been ordered to guarantee that all trials are completed quickly.
No innocent person will be detained, according to Mohsin Naqvi, and no criminal person will be spared. The law will not let those who attack the military’s buildings and Jinnah House get away, and every offender will be brought to court with facts and proof.

The chief minister of Punjab further declared that there would be no tolerance for criminal activity and that force would be employed to stop the evil plans of criminal groups.
Notably, a huge mob of PTI supporters held massive violent protests across Pakistan following the arrest of the party’s chief Imran Khan from the Islamabad High Court. Hours after his detention, the mob barged into the Residence of Commander Corps Residence and also into GHQ.
Imran Khan has been released two days after his detention and has returned home. This episode has shifted the focus of ensuing Punjab polls entirely to Imran Khan’s arrest, unrest across the country and demands for his release.


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