Pakistan: Dacoits in police uniform loot multiple houses in Karachi


Islamabad [Pakistan], December 2: A robbery incident was reported from Pakistan’s Karachi where culprits in ‘police uniform’ looted multiple houses in the Gulshan-e-Maymar area.
As per the victim’s family’s statement, the robbers dressed as Sindh police officers along with plain cloth men entered the house and took away all the valuables including gold, jewellery, mobile phones, and cash.
The robbers after ransacking one residence, in police uniform, targeted another house for the robbery and later took the CCTV footage along with the valuables.
After the incident was reported, the police and rangers’ officials reached the crime scene to further investigate the incident.
The Karachi police last month arrested two criminals from Surjani Town, who reportedly robbed people in the guise of police officials in the metropolis.
As per Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Mehroz Ali’s statement, the arrested individuals allegedly belonged to a six-member robber gang that robbed the people in the guise of police officers late at night.
During the investigation, the arrested individuals, identified as Arbaz and Junaid, confessed to being involved in robbing several houses in the metropolis.
The accused used to enter the houses at 4 am, tied up the family members, and left after looting the valuables from the house.


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