Office of Tibet Washington-DC Organises Sino-Tibetan Exchange Dinner


Washington-DC: A Sino-Tibetan exchange dinner was organised jointly by the Office of Tibet Washington-DC and IPK Media on 29 December 2023 aiming to improve ties between Tibetan and Chinese communities and to spread awareness of Tibetan freedom movement among Chinese people.

The exchange dinner was attended by Representative Dr Namgyal Choedup, former Kalon Tripa Tenzin Namgyal Tethong, President of the International Campaign for Tibet Tencho Gyatso, ICT’s Research and Monitoring Unit Head Bhuchung Tsering. Other guests include famed Chinese writer Su Xiaokang, IPK Media Head Wang Ruiqin, Guo Baosheng, Xiayelang among old and new Chinese friends.

Representative Dr Namgyal Choedup apprised the gathering of the Office of Tibet’s undertakings, and spoke of the long-history of Sino-Tibetan neighbourly relations asserting that with a few exceptions the two had lived peaceably. He also stressed on the importance of awareness among Chinese people of the current critical situation inside Tibet, and appealed for the Chinese friends to inform the Chinese public of the reality of Tibet through their writings.

Chinese liaison officer Tsultrim Gyatso introduced to the gathering former Kalon Tripa Tenzin Namgyal Tethong and ICT’s Research and Monitoring Unit Head Bhuchung Tsering as two of the members of the fact-finding delegation to Tibet in the 1980s as well as members of the Sino-Tibetan Dialogue from 2002-2010. Despite the lack of discussions between the two governments, he highlighted the need for Chinese public to be aware of the Tibet cause and urged for continued support from Chinese friends.

The Chinese writer Su Xiaokang pointed out that China is now at the threshold of a transition period, and that, looking back through history, the Chinese are undergoing a process of repeated repression. So, he said, it is time for China to change, as it has historically done, and for Tibet’s future and destiny to improve.Wang Ruiqin said that she had spent many years in Tibet, surrounded by Tibetans, and that she had come to realise that Tibetans are a very good, courageous people. She also said that everyone should learn from the experience of the Tibetans, who have been fighting for more than sixty years, and praised the extraordinary kindness of the Tibetans.

The exchange dinner concluded with the guests having a productive discussion and mutual exchange of ideas.


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