Indian Delegation in Taiwan: A Step Toward Strengthening Bilateral Ties


The bustling streets of Taiwan hold a special allure these days. They are abuzz with the arrival of an esteemed guest and his delegation. Rajesh Kumar Singh, the Indian Secretary of the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, has embarked on a significant diplomatic expedition to the island, leading a delegation of over 50 Indian business and government representatives.

Strengthening Bilateral Ties

The visit, which began on October 24 and is set to conclude on October 27, aims to fortify economic and people-to-people ties between India and Taiwan, a relationship that has been gradually intensifying. The delegation is participating in a series of high-level meetings and summits, including the 2nd India-Taiwan CEO Roundtable, 7th India-Taiwan Industrial Collaboration Summit, and the 16th India-Taiwan Economic Consultation. Members of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry and the Electronic Industries Association of India are part of this high-profile delegation. Their presence underscores the economic emphasis of the visit. After all, economic diplomacy is often the first step towards deeper, more comprehensive bilateral relations.

India’s Economic Might

India’s economic potential has been a topic of global discussion in recent years. The country has emerged as the fastest-growing major economy and one of the main recipients of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The Indian market, with its expanding middle class and burgeoning digital infrastructure, presents an enticing opportunity for foreign investments. Taiwanese businesses have shown increased interest in understanding the ‘India opportunity’ and learning about the ongoing transformation in India.

Taiwan’s Strategic Outreach

This visit is a part of Taiwan’s broader strategy to engage with major democracies as it seeks to diversify its diplomatic and trade support amid growing pressure from China. Taiwan has been actively pursuing trade deals with Western countries, and the bilateral investment deal with Canada is seen as part of this plan. The commitment of both India and Taiwan to foster economic cooperation and strengthen their trade and investment ties is evident in this visit. Amid the shifting geopolitical landscape, such strategic engagements are crucial for mutual growth and regional stability


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