China: Citizens oppose controversial govt order to marry early, produce more children


In order to tackle negative population growth, the Chinese government has begun forcing its citizens to marry early and have at least three children. The decision has been opposed by parents as most would-be parents claim they cannot provide enough financial security to take care of three children, according to ANI. The would be-parents feel that their lives are under pressure due to the quarantine and lockdown imposed by the authorities to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The authorities have initiated several contests but the response of the citizens is unenthusiastic. The people in China have been disappointed with being forced to stay locked inside homes, food shortages, lack of income, rising prices and health issues, ANI reported, citing The Hong Kong Post. Furthermore, the people oppose the government’s decision of having more children as they remember the pain and torture faced by their parents when the government announced the ‘one-child policy’. The authorities kept surveillance on married couples and even imposed a fine and kept the people in prison who opted to have a second child. Reportedly, the government’s decision resulted in millions of abortions at that time. 

The Chinese further noted that the administration has not announced any change in policy in a bid to make it easier for couples. In order to encourage people to have more children, the Chinese government has started two-way communication with the citizens, The Hong Kong Post reported citing sources. Notably, the Chinese government announced a new Population and Family planning law that permits couples to have three children. 

Birth rate witnesses drop in China 

The Chinese government has been forcing people to marry early and have more children as there has been a drop in people registering for marriage and birth rate in China. According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, as many as 7.6 million couples registered for marriage in 2021 and the number of Chinese marriages witnessed a drop of 41% between 2013-2019.

It is reportedly the lowest figure that has been witnessed in three decades.

Meanwhile, the birth rate in China has also reduced to 7.5 births per 1000 people. According to the Worldometer statistics, as of 23 May, the population in China is 1,449,796,348 and the median age in the country is 38.4 years. 


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