UN food agency announces to cut aid for Afghanistan amid harsh winter


Kabul [Afghanistan], December 26: The UN World Food Programme has announced that it will be reducing its aid to Afghanistan due to a budget shortage.
In a video published on Monday, WFP stated that it has been forced to reduce food aid to around 10 million people due to a lack of funds during the harsh winter season.
It has further called on international bodies to help the people of Afghanistan during the current winter.
The organisation emphasised that Afghans need help more than ever before.
The WFP also stated that Afghanistan is among the eight countries in the world with the worst food insecurity situation.
According to the World Food Program, the people of Afghanistan are currently severely affected by the onset of the cold season.
Meanwhile, the WFP had previously announced that the European Union had donated 25 million euros to support the needy in Afghanistan.
The regime change, the crisis of deporting migrants, recent earthquakes in the country, water scarcity, climate changes, and recent droughts in the country have led to the spread of poverty and negative impacts, especially on women and children, causing an increase in the level of need among Afghans.
The UN Secretary-General’s special representative on children and armed conflict in Afghanistan said in a new report that children in the country remain highly vulnerable to grave violations.
Earlier, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Aid (OCHA) said the European Union has contributed 3 million euros to Afghanistan’s humanitarian aid.
According to OCHA, the funds provided by the EU will enable aid agencies to give necessary assistance and protection to millions in need across Afghanistan.


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