The US, Iran, and Russia cooperate in a joint naval exercise in India


On a rare occasion, the US, Iran, and Russia, known for their strained relations and conflicting interests, completed a joint exercise.
The 12th edition of naval exercise MILAN was hosted in Visakhapatnam this February. It is not a regular naval drill but an important diplomatic event that also puts India’s growing influence under the spotlight, as reported by navyrecognition.
Despite tensions between the countries, “in an unprecedented move, naval ships from the US, Iran, and Russia were participating in the exercise.” The publication noted that this is especially extraordinary considering the US’s involvement in Ukraine and the Middle East and its opposition to Iran’s support of the Houthis.
Diplomatic success for India
The participation of the USS Halsey from the US, the IRIS Dena from Iran, and the Varyag from Russia, alongside other international fleets, marks a complex diplomatic activity.
This scenario highlights India’s respect and diplomatic weight, as these countries choose involvement in the exercise over the potential diplomatic outcome of non-participation.
India’s role as a host and mediator in this context is important. By providing a platform where naval forces from adversarial countries come together for a common goal, India demonstrates its ability to bridge gaps and encourage dialogue and cooperation,” the publication said.


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