Taiwan’s intelligence agency accuses China of planning to disrupt pro-Taiwan activities in Europe


Taipei [Taiwan], May 11: Taiwan’s Intelligence agency, National Security Bureau (NSB), said on Saturday that China will try to fuel divisions between the US and the European Union while stepping up disruption of pro-Taiwan activities in Europe.
The NSB made these accusations in a report, adding that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the intelligence agency are submitting to the Legislative Yuan for discussion on Monday (May 13).
The document further focuses on Taiwan’s national security given the recent visits by Chinese leader Xi Jinping to France, Serbia, and Hungary.
China was planning to use France to emphasise the strategic autonomy of the European Union, while playing the EU against the US, according to the report.
Moreover, Germany’s robust economic interests in China and uncertainty about the year-end US elections could work in Beijing’s favour, as reported by Taiwan News.
Meanwhile, China will also use its friendly relations with Serbia and Hungary to boost divisions within Europe and promote anti-American feelings, according to the intelligence agency.
The upcoming European Parliament elections set to be held in June and the legislative elections expected in the UK, Belgium, and Lithuania could give China the opportunity to influence Taiwan’s parliamentary diplomacy and interfere with pro-Taiwan actions in the EU.
Furthermore, the NSB stated that while Chinese leader Xi’s visit did not fundamentally alter Taiwan’s situation, attention needed to be paid to mutual understandings between China, Russia, and Central European nations on Taiwan.


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