Russia asks Pakistan to return helicopter engines as Ukraine war continues to intensify: Report


Russia is in a difficult situation as a result of the protracted conflict in Ukraine. It has turned to former defence allies for assistance in an effort to replenish its military weapons. Moscow is notably focused on Pakistan. For many years, India’s neighbouring country has purchased Russian military equipment.

Russia has asked Islamabad to return the helicopter engines. These are essential parts for the helicopter Mi-35M, which has seen extensive use in Ukraine. However, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry has dismissed reports that it had been approached by Russia with any such requests.

Russia’s engagement with Pakistan indicates that the country urgently needs assistance with its military efforts, which is indicative of the conflict’s wider effects on international military alliances and the defence industry.

Given that the conflict in Ukraine continues to require a high operational tempo from its rotary-wing aircraft, Russia’s approach to secure these essential assets emphasises the larger reorganisation of its military supply lines.

Moscow has handled comparable requests with other countries as well, such as Egypt and Belarus, exposing a larger trend of attempting to support its armed forces with equipment that has already been used.

Russia-Ukraine war update
Ukraine’s intelligence agency has claimed responsibility for a car bombing on November 8 that killed a member of the Russia-backed authority in the Luhansk region, the Associated Press reported.

Mikhail Filiponenko was the chief of police before becoming a member of the local assembly. On February 21, 2022, three days prior to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, he had survived a car bombing. The death of Filiponenko was declared by local officials.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence stated on Telegram that Filiponenko had arranged and taken part in the torture of civilians and prisoners of war, as per AP. Members of the resistance movement helped carry out the killing, according to the agency.


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