Pakistan: Baloch poet forcibly disappeared from Kech


Balochistan [Pakistan], January 27: A young Baloch poet identified as Qasim has been missing from the Kech district of Pakistan’s Balochistan province.
According to the Balochistan Post, a local news portal, Qasim hails from the Dasht Chat area and is now missing after he was arrested in Turbat, the central city of Kech district in Balochistan.
Qasim was apprehended and subsequently vanished after being taken into custody at the Civil Hospital. The news portal cited relatives of the poet.
The report said, “This incident unfolds against the backdrop of ongoing protests against enforced disappearances in Balochistan, where a wave of demonstrations has surged in recent months. Protesters are demanding an end to the forced disappearances affecting the entire region, which has witnessed a growing number of cases on a daily basis.”
The resource-rich but poorest province of Pakistan has been facing continuous protests by the locals against frequent incidents of enforced disappearances, torture and killing of political activists and students by the country’s secret agencies.
The Balochistan Post reports that the demonstrators in Balochistan continue to voice their concerns against the relentless occurrence of enforced disappearances, urging the authorities to take immediate measures to curb these violations of human rights.
However, daily reports of new cases of enforced disappearances in Balochistan underscore the persistent challenges in addressing this grave issue.
The situation remains tense as the region grapples with the disturbing trend of individuals disappearing without a trace.


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