Pak: Housemaids rob family of jewellery worth PKR 4 million and cash


Karachi [Pakistan], December 2: In Karachi’s Garden area, a family witnessed a robbery of significant proportions, with two newly-hired female housemaids making off with jewellery worth Pakistan Rupee (PKR) 4 million along with a sum of cash.
The incident, documented by CCTV footage, unfolded in a residence located in Doli Khata, falling within the jurisdiction of Nabi Bux Garden Police Station. The footage captures the housemaids concealing their identities and hastily departing after absconding with valuable jewellery and cash.
Following the victim’s complaint, a first information report (FIR) has been lodged.
The complainant asserted that he had employed the housemaids a mere five days prior to the incident. This occurrence mirrors a case from October when the housemaid of a former Pakistan People Party (PPP) MPA in Karachi pilfered gold worth PKR 8.5 million along with PKR 0.5 million in cash before making her escape.
The FIR for this incident, filed at Darakhshan police station, highlighted that the housemaid departed after completing her work on October 6, but it was only discovered on October 7 that she had absconded with the gold and cash.
Despite substantial investments in law enforcement by the Sindh government, including personnel recruitment and the provision of modern weaponry, Karachi has unfortunately emerged as a central hub for criminal activities. Among all districts in Sindh, the city stands out with a staggering 67.5 per cent contribution to the total reported crimes in the province. Particularly alarming is the surge in car thefts and snatchings, witnessing an alarming increase from 3,858 incidents to an astounding 30,580 over a span of six years.
The Sindh Statistics Report for 2022 underscores a significant uptick in crime incidents across the province within a two-year period. In 2020, Sindh reported a total of 99,316 crimes, with 60,331 occurring in Karachi. The subsequent year, 2021, witnessed an even higher figure, with 119,545 reported crimes across Sindh, of which 81,164 were concentrated in Karachi.
This data points to a worrisome trend, indicating an influx of criminal elements into Karachi. Over the past six years, crime rates in the city have surged by an alarming 121 per cent, highlighting the urgent need for effective measures to address and curb the rising tide of criminal activities.


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