Japan imposes trade curbs on China-based firms for supporting Russia’s war in Ukraine


Japan imposed trade restrictions on China-based companies as part of a fresh round of sanctions against individuals and groups supporting Russia’s war on Ukraine, the foreign ministry said in a statement on Friday (Jun 21).

The new sanctions also target firms in India, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. It marks the first time Japan has imposed sanctions on China-based firms in connection with the war in Ukraine, according to Japan’s foreign ministry.

Targeted firms include Hong Kong-based Asia Pacific Links Ltd, which provided microchips for Russian drones, and China-based Yilufa Electronics Limited.

The sanctions, which are in line with previous measures imposed by other countries including the United States, forbid Japanese companies from exporting to the targeted firms.

US officials have said China is backing Russia’s war effort in Ukraine by providing drone and missile technology for Moscow’s biggest military buildup since the Soviet era.

The US broadened its sanctions on Russia last week, including by targeting China-based companies selling semiconductors to Moscow.

Beijing and Moscow are also taking complex steps to ensure bilateral payments are made, potentially exposing some Chinese financial firms to sanctions.


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