Eye on China, govt aims to double electronics value addition to 40%


CHENNAI: Value addition in electronics manufacturing in country needs to double from 18%-20% to 40% and component making should be shifted from China, said electronics and IT secretary S Krishnan on Saturday.
India brought the electronics assembly and now it is essential to shift supply-chains from China to move up the value chain and gain global market share, Krishnan asserted, but cautioned the country should take up value addition only where it is possible.
He stressed the need for capacity building, training and participation of large industrial groups into the sector.
Krishnan said southern states should move out of labour-intensive electronics manufacturing services (EMS) like assembly and packaging and focus more on higher-value component manufacturing.
Krishnan said shifting electronics supply chain is crucial for building a resilient supply chain, safeguarding the economy from geopolitical risks and strategic requirements, referring to potential conflict in Taiwan strait. Union govt targets 10% share in the $4.3 trillion global electronics market in the next five years from around 3% at present.


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