Chin rebels attack Myanmar Army post on Mizoram border


Guwahati: Armed civilians called Chinland Defense Force (CDF), led by the Chin National Army (CNA) cadres have stepped up their attack on Myanmar Army.

In the last such attack, around 9.30 a.m on February 3, CNA/ CDF cadre dropped 03x bombs by drone at a village near Thantlang (Southern most edge of Chin State), bordering India, sources said.

Thantlang is the Company location of the Myanmar Army. No casualty has, however, been reported so far.

Martial law was forced in seven townships in Chin state on February 2.

Despite Martial Law being in force, CNA and CDF carried out their attack on Myanmar Army.

The attack raised security concerns for India as the area in Myanmar is not far from the Mizoram border.

Security agencies are also wondering how these groups are getting access to niche technologies in use for some time in other parts of the world but have yet to find a way in the ongoing Myanmar crisis.

According to an official, various ethics groups fighting against the Myanmar Army have used or now are attempting to use aerial drones to conduct different types of operations, including targeting Myanmar Army posts.


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