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Indian Govt Monitoring Social Media Influencers Who Are Spreading Chinese Propaganda

Indian intelligence agencies have identified over a dozen influential social media entities, including bloggers and YouTube creators, who allegedly further Chinese information operations. Their...

Want to work with allies like India to combat disinformation, says US

The US government wants to work with allies like India to combat disinformation generated by countries like Russia and China by ensuring access to...

The Quiet Invasion: How the CCP Infiltrates the US Through Academia

Since the inauguration of the Biden administration in 2021, the United States has been grappling with the intricate challenge of countering the infiltration of...

Pakistan: The Only Certainty After a Rigged Election Is Chaos

About two weeks after one of the most tainted elections in the Pakistan’s checkered parliamentary history, a coalition government is in sight. But the...

Why Western Analysts are Losing Respect for Pakistan Army Establishment After Rigged Elections?

Will Biden call Shehbaz Sharif? Americans cannot afford to ignore Pakistan given its geo-strategic position; however, they can ignore the fact that the people’s...