Taiwan govt finds China-made Huawei routers at its army base


An investigation by Taiwan’s government into the use of Chinese-made technology by their military has revealed the use of Huawei routers at an Army base.

Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) Legislator Huang Kuo-chang continued investigating an optical communication procurement case, questioning the military’s use of Huawei routers. The Ministry of National Defence’s Armaments Bureau confirmed on Thursday that two Huawei routers and one Advantech Co. data reader made by a Chinese manufacturer were found at the Army’s Hongchaolin Camp, and the bureau plans to penalise the contractors responsible.

Huang previously exposed the use of Chinese-made inverters in the military’s optical communication projects. On Thursday, he said the industrial computers used in the project were also made in China, potentially compromising national cybersecurity.

Earlier, in October 6, 2023, Taiwan conducted an investigation to determine whether four of its companies violated US sanctions or Taiwanese investment regulations by providing services to Chinese firms reportedly assisting Huawei in building semiconductor plants.

Emile Chang, an official from the Ministry of Economic Affairs responsible for investment oversight, stated that an “administrative probe” has been initiated into the four Taiwanese companies mentioned in a media report.

The four firms under scrutiny-Topco Scientific, United Integrated Services, L&K Engineering Co, and Cica-Huntek Chemical Technology–have all denied any allegations. They clarified in separate statements that their involvement was limited to wastewater management, interior decoration, or approved construction work in Taiwan, with no supply of semiconductor materials or equipment.

Huawei has been at the centre of the tech rivalry between the United States and China in recent years. Concerns about potential espionage on behalf of the Chinese government led Washington and its allies to restrict Huawei’s access to advanced chip technology and chip manufacturing equipment. Huawei, however, has consistently denied these allegations.


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