Protests against Pakistan’s Visa Policy Continue in Chaman Area


Protests continue across the Durand Line in the Chaman area of Quetta, Balochistan, against Pakistan’s policy which stipulates passengers must have a visa.
The protestors said that they will continue their demonstration until the Pakistan government rescinds its decision.
They also blocked the Chaman-Quetta highway from 20th November.
“They are neighboring countries, when someone wants to cross to the other side, what is the need for the passport when there is a Tazkira? [Identity Cards],” said Anwar, a resident of Chaman.
Chaman is an area lying across the Durand Line connected with Spin Boldak—one of the three main crossings between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Exports and imports were also halted in Spin Boldak crossing.
The head of the chamber of commerce and investment of Spin Boldak, Mohammad Shafiq Achakzai, said that the Afghan traders are sustaining up to $1 million losses on a daily basis.
“We are suffering between $600,000 to $ 1 million every day. There are products in our containers which are at risk of being spoiled,” he said.
An official of the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation at Spin Boldak, Abdul Latif Hakimi, said that due to the blockage of the Chaman-Quetta highway, the process of Afghan refugees’ deportation through Spin-Boldak has dropped by 50 percent.
“The path is blocked in Pakistan and some security issues exist there. This has affected the process of the returning of refugees and we can say that it has dropped by 50 percent,” he said.
Earlier, the traders in Kandahar province said that trade issues should not be politicized and they asked for the reopening of the route.


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