Israel Defence Minister fired, White House concerned


Washington [US], March 27: The White House in a statement released on Monday expressed concern over the firing of Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant and has said that there is an “urgent need for compromise”.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday fired his defence minister Yoav Gallant, who had called for a halt to plans to overhaul the country’s court system.


Reacting to this, the White House released a statement saying, “We are deeply concerned by the developments out of Israel, which further underscore the urgent need for compromise. As the President (Joe Biden) recently discussed with Prime Minister Netanyahu, democratic values have always been and must remain, a hallmark of the US-Israel relationship.”


“Democratic societies are strengthened by checks and balances, and fundamental changes to a democratic system should be pursued with the broadest possible base of popular support. We continue to strongly urge Israeli leaders to find a compromise as soon as possible. We believe that is the best path forward for Israel and all of its citizens. US support for Israel’s security and democracy remains ironclad,” the statement read further.


Netanyahu’s office announced Gallant’s removal in a statement after he became the first member of the cabinet to break ranks over the proposals, which have sparked weeks of protests.


“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to remove Defense Minister Yoav Gallant from his post.”


Yoav Gallant called for a halt to the judicial reforms in a speech on Saturday, when Netanyahu was out of the country on an official visit to the United Kingdom. Some military reservists have committed to pulling out of their service in opposition to the plans, which critics have said would undermine the independence of the judiciary.


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