Iran will not let threats go unanswered: IRGC chief


TEHRAN – Major General Hossein Salami, the chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), has issued a warning amidst rising tensions in West Asia, fueled by Israel’s actions in Gaza.
During the final session of the national congress of 24,000 martyrs of Tehran Province, Salami stated, “Sometimes, the enemies make threats. And these days too, we hear some threats in the U.S. officials’ rhetoric. We tell them (the Americans) that you have tested us and we know each other. We will not leave any threat unanswered.”
This comes after U.S. President Joe Biden attributed a deadly attack on a U.S. occupation base to Tehran.
Emphasizing that Iran is not actively seeking war but is not afraid of it, Salami’s warning aligns with Iran’s stance conveyed through its permanent mission to the UN, stating that Tehran would “respond decisively” to any attack on its territory, interests, and nationals.
Tensions have heightened due to the U.S.’s support for Israel in the Gaza war. Over the weekend, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq executed a drone strike on a military outpost in Jordan, referred to as Tower 22, resulting in the death of three U.S. soldiers and numerous injuries.
President Joe Biden attributed the incident to what he termed as “radical Iran-backed militant groups” and pledged that Washington would take action.
Iran, however, denied any involvement in the attacks on American occupation troops in the region, asserting that Resistance groups act independently.
Salami also expressed confidence in Palestine’s path to victory, stating, “The Zionists cannot keep a small territory in a war for months, and they will definitely lose.” The situation remains complex, with Iran asserting its readiness to respond to threats while emphasizing a preference for peace.


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