China Poses ‘New Bio Threat’, CCP & Military Developing ‘Neurostrike’ Weapons: Report


The Chinese Communist Party and its People’s Liberation Army are in the process of developing weapons that may pose a new kind of biologocal threat to the world. The Chinese army has established itself as the leader in ‘neurostrike’ weapons, which have been designed to attack or even control mammalian (including human) brains.


According to a research report, accessed by CNN-News18, China is making these weapons under the CCP BioThreats Initiatives. The report stated that these weapons attack or even control the brain using microwave or directed energy weapons through standalone platforms like a handheld gun or the broader electromagnetic spectrum.



According to McCreight, ‘neurostrike’ refers to engineered targeting of warfighter and civilian brains using distinct non-kinetic technology to impair cognition, reduce situational awareness, inflict long-term neurological degradation and fog normal cognitive functions.


According to the researchers, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sees ‘neurostrike’ and psychological warfare as a core component of its asymmetric strategy against the US and its allies in the Indo-Pacific. It is part of its standard order of battle, and not an unconventional set of capabilities only to be used under extreme circumstances, they stated.



The report shows that the use of these weapons represents a fundamental difference in strategic thinking in Beijing and is not just a hypothesis. There was a sharp statistical increase in Chinese military activity in the South China Sea, East China Sea, Taiwan Strait and along the Sino-Indian border during the most acute phases of the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020 and 2021.


The CCP’s weaponisation of neuroscience extends well beyond the scope and understanding of classical microwave weapons, the report states. Their new landscape of ‘neurostrike’ development includes using massively distributed human-computer interfaces to control entire populations and a range of weapons designed to cause cognitive damage.




The net result of such a scenario would be that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will be able to establish absolute control over a geography such as Taiwan, while simultaneously blunting any American strategic options to intervene and physically insert personnel into the theatre.


This will effectively negate and render inert America’s overwhelming conventional superiority with few remedies. This scenario is based on known existing CCP research programmes and what their strategic aims are.


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