Biden administration reviews expansion of intelligence cooperation with Taliban


According to sources, the Biden administration has placed cooperation with the Taliban on the agenda to track down ISIS-Khorasan’s branch.
Tuesday, 3rd, citing two informed sources and a former US official that the Biden administration’s concern about ISIS-Khorasan’s capability to conduct transnational operations has prompted consideration of cooperation with the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.
According to the report, ISIS-Khorasan’s attack on the Moscow concert hall in March of this year, which killed 130 and injured hundreds, has challenged the US officials’ view of ISIS’s inability to target US interests.
Two informed sources and a former US official told that “Biden administration officials are now discussing expanding cooperation with the Taliban regime to help track down ISIS-Khorasan’s branch amid a global terrorist threat.”
The US military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and reduced Western influence in Africa have weakened Washington’s capacity to gather intelligence on various branches of ISIS, including its significant operations from Afghanistan.
The NBC report indicates that the Biden administration has not yet reached a final agreement on expanding cooperation with the Taliban, as there is widespread opposition to the proposal, with some members of Congress insisting on guarantees from the Taliban regime regarding human rights and related issues in exchange for such cooperation.
Some Biden administration officials have proposed scenarios for reopening their country’s embassy in Kabul to expand intelligence cooperation with the Taliban.
Amidst these developments, Russian officials have highlighted concerns over the proliferation of militant and terrorist groups in Afghanistan, numbering over 21, all reportedly operating under the influence of the Taliban.
This situation underscores broader international apprehensions regarding security and stability in the region following the Taliban’s takeover.
The presence and activities of these diverse militant factions pose significant challenges to regional stability and efforts towards peacebuilding in Afghanistan.
The reported increase in militant groups under Taliban control raises urgent questions about the Taliban’s ability and willingness to govern and secure Afghanistan effectively.
International observers closely monitor these developments as they impact regional security dynamics and efforts towards fostering a secure and stable environment in Afghanistan.



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