Afghanistan: Women in Takhar demand release of women’s rights activists


Kabul [Afghanistan], November 20: A group of women in Afghanistan’s Takhar province have demanded the release of women’s rights activists currently detained by the Taliban-led administration.
These activists have been champions of gender equality and women’s empowerment in Afghanistan, calling for women’s fundamental rights and opportunities. However, their recent arrest has sparked concerns regarding their safety and the future of women’s rights in Afghanistan.
Women in Takhar have called for the immediate release of women activists and stressed the importance of preserving the progress made in women’s rights.
On Sunday, women, under the banner of the “Independent Coalition of the Protest Movement,” gathered at an undisclosed location and called on the Taliban to release the detained women.
The video that surfaced on social media showed women from the “Independent Coalition of the Protest Movement” saying, “The current regime cannot silence the voice of justice by detaining and suppressing protesting women.”
Meanwhile, the Political Participation of Women Network in Kabul has condemned the recent detention of women’s rights activists. It urged human rights organisations to make efforts for their release.
Notably, four women’s rights activists, including Neda Parwani, Julia Parsi, Manizha Sadiqi, and Parisa Azadi, have been kept in custody and there is no information shared regarding their detention or whereabouts.
Amnesty International raised concerns about the detention of these women, highlighting the gravity of the situation. Nasir Ahmad Faiq, Afghanistan’s representative at the United Nations, stressed that these continued detentions are a violation of both Islamic and international laws.
The detention of women’s rights activists underscores rising international and domestic concerns regarding the treatment of women’s rights activists and the broader human rights situation in Afghanistan under the Taliban’s rule.
Amnesty International has strongly condemned the continued detention of women’s rights activists in Afghanistan, emphasizing that restrictions against girls and women can escalate into “sexual harassment and crimes against humanity”, Khaama Press reported.
Several women’s rights advocates also expressed deep concern over the efforts by the Taliban administration to marginalise women in the country.
Earlier on Friday, Amnesty International expressed deep concern in response to the detention of Parisa Azadeh, a women’s rights activist. They stated that they are “extremely” worried about the detained women, highlighting the urgency of the situation.
Parisa Azadeh is the fourth woman whom the Taliban regime has recently detained. Sources report that she was arrested on Tuesday while printing protest banners in western Kabul.
The human rights organisation further added that the continued severe restrictions by the Taliban and the unlawful suppression of Afghan girls and women could lead to “crimes against humanity and sexual harassment”.


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