Pakistan: Flood victims in Sindh awaiting relief


Karachi [Pakistan], December 12: A majority of the families affected by floods last year are still awaiting relief from the government, as many are forced to live without houses.
The southeastern province of Sindh in Pakistan was one of the hardest-hit areas by the 2022 floods.
According to Jang, an Urdu daily, money has been given to only about 3 lakh people out of 21 lakh victims across the province, while the fourth installment has not yet been released to a single victim.
“Even today, the flood victims in the districts are forced to live under the open sky and in huts,” said Jung.
According to the details, houses and other structures belonging to lakhs of people were destroyed due to floods in Sindh province.
In this regard, with the support of the World Bank and the federal government, the government of Sindh started a programme to release 3 lakh Pakistan rupees in four installments for building houses for more than 20 lakh flood victims, but due to the negligence of the relevant departments, the said programme was on the brink of failure.
According to the information received by “Jang,” in Sindh province, one installment of 75 thousand Pakistan rupees has been issued to 2 lakh victims, the second installment to around 70 thousand victims, the third installment to only 15 thousand victims, and the fourth installment has not been issued to any victim.


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