Beijing’s bar-related cluster infection spills over to neighboring Sanhe city


Beijing: Beijing’s bar-related COVID-19 cluster infection has spilled over to its eastern neighboring city Sanhe. The city has been put under temporary static management, which will be lifted if results of the three rounds of citywide nucleic acid testing from Saturday to Monday are all negative.
Sanhe, a city adjoining Beijing’s Tongzhou district in North China’s Hebei Province, reported an asymptomatic case on Saturday in a centralized quarantine facility. The patient had been  at the bar called in Heaven Supermarket in Beijing for more than 10 minutes within range of other confirmed cases. 
According to the local health authority, Sanhe has identified 60 close contacts and 27 secondary close contacts of the asymptomatic case, and all of them have been transferred to a centralized quarantine facility. 
The city sealed off a building in a residential community where residents are not allowed to leave their home and people living in other buildings cannot leave the compound area. Sanhe will carry out three rounds of nucleic acid testing from Saturday to Monday and will lift the citywide lockdown if all test results were negative, officials said.
Beijing had reported 115 infections related to the bar outbreak as of 3 pm on Saturday. A total of 6,158 close contacts of the confirmed cases and another 901 secondary close contacts have been identified, according to Beijing health authority.


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