Ajit Doval, Greek NSA explore collaboration in cybersecurity, space, and defence


India’s national security advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval on Thursday held a meeting with his Greek counterpart Athanasios Ntokos in New Delhi. The meeting, in line with the shared vision of the prime ministers of both countries, delved into a spectrum of pressing issues crucial for global security and bilateral cooperation, people aware of the matter said.

Central to the discussions was the enhancement of institutional linkages between the National Security Councils of India and Greece. Both NSAs underscored the significance of robust coordination mechanisms to address emerging security challenges effectively.

The dialogue extended to encompass global and regional security dynamics, with a particular emphasis on fostering collaboration in vital domains such as cybersecurity, space exploration, and maritime security. The NSAs exchanged insights on mitigating common threats and promoting stability in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond.

They explored avenues for cooperation in futuristic technologies, defence, and infrastructure development. This includes mutual endeavours in leveraging cutting-edge innovations to bolster national security capabilities and exploring joint ventures in defence manufacturing.


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