Marriage ceremony Traditions in Panama


Getting married in Panama is a ethnic experience. The marriage traditions are diverse, plus some include faith based elements. Many of these traditions also entail giving the star of the wedding traditional marriage ceremony tokens.

For starters, the star of the event wears a white dress. In addition, she wears a veil. This is because Possessing is a Christian country. Other classic elements include the feeding of guests throughout the wedding ceremony. The wedding party wears traditional costumes.

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During the marriage wedding, the soon-to-be husband gives the new bride thirteen gold coins. These coins are thought to bring best of luck to the few. Some people also think that these cash symbolize 12 disciples of Jesus Christ. These coins are presented within a decorative box.

Traditionally, the couple’s Godparents performed a major position in the marriage process. These people could sign wedding certificate. They also dished up as witnesses. The couple’s Godparent had not been a Maid of Honour.

Today, the couple’s Godparent is no longer present at the marriage ceremony. The bride’s family can play a large role in the marriage. They can support plan the wedding and be a part of the festivities.

The bridegroom is also involved with the look of the marriage. He will help the why do people online date bride-to-be find a wedding dress. The groom has been known to visit the bride’s country to learn more about her. This is often a good way to introduce the groom’s home to the bride’s home.

Some other tradition is certainly giving items to the bride’s in-laws. This is certainly called Umhlambiso.


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